An Actual American by George Barahona

George Barahona (no face)Since I have gathered information on my DNA I wasn’t too surprised especially when it came to what I ethnicity I mostly am which is being 74% Native American. I totally agree with the DNA test because my parents , grandparents, and great grandparents all come from EL Salvador. El Salvador is in the Americas so it makes sense that I am mostly Native because according to Ancestry The whole continent of north and south America has been isolated for 20,000 years. I

I learned that I am from all over the Americas and not just Central America. There is a tool on the Ancestry DNA that can track geographic communities on where one could’ve descended from and in the Americas part I found communities from Canada, Mexico, and parts all over eastern and western United States. I like this one especially because I am way more likely to be an actual American geographically than most white people by default due to my family origins which is quite interesting. This reason also goes into journalism and into the subject of man-made racism.

For learning where my ancestors come from which is mainly the United States and parts of Mexico, Central and South America I learned that I am truly an American which Is how I grew up through the culture. For journalism having insights on being subjective to everyone’s other culture helps because to some people perspectives I may be a Latin-American and for most people who just assume Mexican-American when In my brain I just see myself as American. These insights help mostly understand how one would see me differently because I myself am aware that most people aren’t just one race, ethnicity. Knowing that I am mostly American might even help me show people how being geographically American is different than socially being American like most people are when it comes to the social aspect.

For me Language and religion kind of go together because of where my ancestors came from. According to the DNA test I have Iberian Peninsula and Greek/Italian roots which does make sense because the Spanish conquered lots of Mexico and Americas hundreds of years ago which is why I am bilingual with English and Spanish. The native tongue in the Americas wasn’t always Spanish and that’s why I grew up Roman Catholic as well. I may not practice Catholicism but I do follow in the same kind of ideals. The settlers brought both religion and language as the dominant language hundreds of years ago and knowing basic history helps with knowing why my grandparents speak Spanish and practice Catholicism.

There’s not many stories passed down in my families because for the most part El Salvador is in poverty to American standards. My grandfather worked at a factory and my dad used to do fishing and many side jobs. My mother had two alcoholic parents that both died around the age of 50 and doesn’t necessarily like talking about her parents or grandparents because for her it was too much abuse.

My last name. I just searched my last name and I found funny and interesting results. There’s a button that predicts the average lifespan of Barahona which is show to be short but not necessarily true in my case because I have a great aunt that is 96 years old but she is mostly Salvadorian and the Ancestry website says Barahona comes from the Soria province which comes from Spain. I also knew I had Spanish decent from the DNA test and the fact that I can speak Spanish.

For me my personal influences are not at all influenced by my ancestors especially when it comes down to religion I am really against it and my grandparents pray throughout the day well my grandpa does because he’s not in the best shape. Maybe if it comes down to my Spanish Greek or Iberian ancestors I would love to own acres of land which would make me strive for a lot of money so I could buy such large properties. Sadly, I can’t just take the land like my Spanish ancestors did. It would be nice if I could.

For me I was mostly surprised that I had more European DNA than African and Iberian Peninsula decent. I found out I can trace my ancestry to Western Europe, Greece/Italy, European Jew, less than 1% Irish and apparently, England. I am mostly Native American and 18% European and 8% African which traces back to Benin/Togo, Mali, Cameroon/Congo, less than 1% Senegal and 0% Nigeria. It’s interesting to see that all this information can even be traced in the first place.

Now from all this new information that I have acquired about my genetic background I still go back and say that I am an American. The news media can learn that if someone is from Latin-American decent they are more genetically likely to be more American than white people even though they think they’re more American because they happened to grow up in the United States. I think the news media can use some of the information from ancestry to show racist voters especially that building a wall won’t do a dam thing for many reasons but for the fact that most people of Latin decent originate from all north and south America and that they should have some sort of right to be in the United states legally because you can trace their blood to regions around the United States. News can learn that most people can have a language and religion because of history with conquering and what’s been told to them and not by their specific choice. I know that the information I received helps combat racism because I may look brown I am a coloring book full of other nationalities that comes from European decent. I know that I’m an American and that’s how I am going to go with my work in journalism. As an American.

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